Synctool cannot open a target file

When you run the Zivver Synctool, you get an error that states that a file cannot be opened.

Example: SourceTargetMapFile cannot be opened C:\Zivver\Account mapping\user (10501)

In this example, the error mentions an account mapping file. Other possibilities include a log file, a CSV, or Excel source file.

When the error occurs, you cannot synchronize. Also, you cannot update accounts.


The user account that runs the Synctool does not have the permissions to create, write to, or open the file. The typical location of Synctool V2 and other dependencies are in the root of a drive. Thus, typically administrator privileges are necessary.


Make sure that the user account that runs the Synctool has the correct permissions. That means read and write permissions on the folders and files that are related to the Synctool.

Alternatively, run the Synctool as administrator.

If you start the Synctool as a scheduled task, enable the option under Properties to Run with highest privileges.

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