Connect to the Zivver SMTP Gateway

Connect the mail server or Secure Email Gateway (SEG) of your organization to the Zivver SMTP Gateway. Use these specifications:

  • Smart host:
  • Port: 587 (preferred) or 25.
  • Security: TLS 1.2 (or higher) with STARTTLS.
  • Authentication:
    • SMTP credentials:
      • For this, a Zivver admin generates a username and password.
      • When the mail server or SEG requires an email address as a username, extend the generated UUID. Add
    • SPF is implemented for outbound messages:
      • Anonymous connection as no credentials are used.
      • checks if SPF passes when a message is submitted.
      • The domain in the From header is checked for if it is allowed to submit messages.
  • There must be an active Zivver account for the Sender’s email address (From:).
  • The Zivver DNS Settings are implemented so that Zivver can send messages on behalf of the domain(s) that your organization uses to send messages from.

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