Troubleshooting bugs in the Office plugin


This article describes generic troubleshooting steps when a bug is found in the Zivver Office plugin.

Troubleshooting bugs with the Office plugin

Troubleshooting problems requires structure. Below you will find the structure that will help you troubleshoot problems with the Office plugin and pass that information on to Zivver Support.

Answer the questions below and follow the recommended troubleshooting steps to troubleshoot bugs in the Office plugin.

Collect contextual information

  1. What is the problem?
    Give a clear problem description.
  2. Did it work in the past?
    If the answer is “yes”, then please write down since when the problem occurred.
  3. What are the steps to reproduce the problem?
    Please record a video with the steps to reproduce including the error message if possible.
  4. Does the problem also occur when the Office plugin is disabled in Outlook?

Collect specific information

Please collect the following data directly after the problem occurred:

  • What is the email address of the user who is experiencing this issue?
    This allows Zivver to search for clues on what is going on for the user.
  • At which date and time was the problem reproduced for the user?
    For example “22nd of February, 10:22AM”
  • Send the Zivver Office plugin troubleshooter and error logs.
    Navigate the user for which the problem occured to the Zivver tab in Outlook > Help > click “Message” > send the message including the date & time stamp.

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