Diagnose performance issues with Outlook in online mode

How to troubleshoot slow response of Microsoft Outlook online when you use the Zivver Office Plugin? Office 365 can show more latency because the Exchange server is not on-premise. For troubleshooting latency, you can use the Outlook Connection Status, a Microsoft tool. This tool shows these values among others:

  • Req/Fail
  • Avg Resp
  • Avg Proc

For the meaning of these values, refer to Microsoft Support Description of the Connection Status dialog in Outlook.

What can you do on the client side to search for possible causes? Do the troubleshooting in this sequence.

  1. Make sure that you satisfy the prerequisites.
  2. Examine the settings in Outlook.
  3. Examine the actions that the user do in the Outlook client.
  4. Examine the network components.
  5. Make an analysis of the network latency with the Connection status tool.


Outlook settings

  • Make sure that Outlook 365 runs in cached mode.
    For more information, refer to Microsoft Support Turn on Cached Exchange Mode.

  • Make sure that the slider of Download email for the past has a value that is sufficiently high.
    This sliders set how many days of email are in cache. The less email is cached, the more the user retrieves the email from Online. This can cause more latency.

  • Update Office 365 to the latest build for Outlook.

  • Update the Zivver Plugin to the latest version.

User actions

Review the actions that users do with Outlook. User can do online actions that cause performance issues. Examples include:
- Compare agendas,
- Do requests for meetings,
- Retrieve and send information about free and busy times,
- Use address books other than your local address book.

Network components

Do an analysis of the network components that the Office 365 traffic passes. That network traffic must bypass these components to reduce latency:

  • Proxies.
  • Deep packet inspection for Office 365 endpoints.
  • Loadbalancers between Office 365 endpoints.

Latency diagnosis

Examine the Outlook Connection Status. To open the Outlook Connection Status:

  1. Press and hold the Ctrl key. Then, select the Microsoft Outlook icon in the notification area.
  2. Select Connection Status … .

Must be 0 (zero).
Failed requests can be an indication of performance issues.

Avg Resp
Must be 10-30ms.
More than 100 ms can indicate noticeable performance issues.

Avg Proc
Must be 10-30 ms.
More than 100 ms can indicate noticeable performance issues.

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