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Microsoft brought out the Microsoft Outlook preview version (New Outlook). This release contains important changes for the support of plug-ins. Also the Zivver Office Plugin does not yet support New Outlook.

Zivver has plans to support New Outlook at no extra costs before Microsoft makes the migration to New Outlook mandatory. We keep you updated in the Zivver Newsletter.

If you already installed New Outlook, you can switch back to “classic” Outlook to use Zivver again.


Can you use Zivver in the New Outlook?

Answer Yes, but not yet. The New Outlook has an impact on VSTO and COM add-ins. One of these add-ins is the Zivver Office Plugin. Instead, you can use Zivver for Outlook Online. This add-in is suitable for the New Outlook and Outlook Online. Thus, users have a consistent experience no matter where they use Outlook. We currently work on a new and improved version of Zivver for Outlook Online. This will serve as the basis for the support of New Outlook soon.

Do you need to roll out the New Outlook to your users?

Answer Not yet. If Zivver is important in your users’ day to day work, we recommend not to roll out the New Outlook yet. Microsoft communicated to us that they will make New Outlook available to organizations at the right time. Also, they will not make migrations mandatory soon. Because Zivver will work differently in the New Outlook, we will contact you to make sure that you have a seamless transition.

How will Zivver work in the New Outlook?

Answer With the Zivver for Outlook Online add-in. This add-in does not show prominently as an extra bar on top of the message. But you can open the add-in in the side pane if you click the Zivver logo in the menu bar. Of course, Zivver will continue to work in the background to alert you whenever there is sensitive information in your email that you must send securely. Thus, you can easily enable secure email directly or enable automatically.

What does the future of Zivver in Outlook look like?

Answer Zivver collaborate closely with Microsoft to integrate our Zivver add-in more seamlessly in this new Outlook environment. Microsoft moves to a consistent and unified Outlook experience on all platforms (source) like Outlook Desktop, Outlook on the Web, and Outlook Mobile. Exciting updates are expected to come soon.

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