Limitations of Plugin Assisted Mail Submission

Be aware of these known limitations when you use Plugin Assisted Mail Submission (PAMS).

  • Make sure that a Mail Flow Rule in your mail server or SEG is activated and configured correctly. Otherwise the mail server might deliver the sent Zivver message as a regular (unsecured) email or might not deliver it at all.
  • With Zivver you can send large attachments (of up to 5TB) with the Zivver attachment button in Outlook. But your mail server of SEG does not process such attachments. This is because the maximum message size limit in Microsoft Exchange or other mail servers or SEG is limited.

    If an employee must send large attachments, the mail server or SEG cannot process those. If your mail server or SEG must process all the attachments, the maximum attachment size is limited. To prevent employees from uploading large attachments, you can disable the Zivver attachment button with a registry key.

  • You cannot always recognize securely sent messages as a sent Zivver message in the Sent Items folder of Outlook. This is the case when either the Sender is not logged in Zivver or the Zivver Office Plugin is not available.

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