Exempt recipient domains from business rules checks


How to configure the Zivver Office Plugin so that the Zivver backend does not do checks on messages to certain domains for business rules violations?

Zivver Office Plugin usually does business rules checks on draft messages. The Zivver backend does these checks in the cloud. But, laws or organizational policies might mandate that some messages must not be sent to the cloud.

Exempt recipient domains from business rules checks

Edit the Windows Registry

In HKCU\Software\Zivver\OfficePlugin\Settings create a registry key with these parameters:

Name: HighlyConfidentialDomains

Type: string


  • You must separate domain names be separated by commas , or semicolons ;. Spaces are trimmed and all the characters become lowercase.
  • If you specify the wildcard * as one of the domains, the check does not start for all the messages to non-Zivver domains. That means all the domains will be considered highly confidential.

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