Signatures and disclaimers

If your organization uses a third-party solution to add signatures or disclaimers to the emails, you must do these actions.

  • Use the Zivver Plugin Assisted Mail Submission (PAMS) in the Office plugin.
  • Use the Zivver OWA Assisted Mail Submission (AMS) in the Outlook Web Access Add-in.
  • Change the configuration of the mail flow rule for that third-party solution. The reason is that Office 365 must not continue with other mail flow rules before that third-party solution adds the signature.


  1. In the Exchange Admin Center, edit the third-party solution rule.
    Mail flow > Rules > Edit
  2. Select Stop processing more rules and Enforce.
  3. Make sure the Zivver mail flow rule is below the mail flow rule of the third-party solution.
If you use the Assisted Mail Submission also for other purposes, make sure that the Zivver mail flow rule has a higher priority. An example of such purpose is a document management system. Then, you must set the priority of the Zivver rule higher than the rules of that document management system.

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