Chrome Extension installation manual for Google Workspace


This manual describes how to install the Zivver Chrome Extension for Google Workspace as Google Super Admin so that users can send and receive Zivver messages from Gmail.


  1. Go to the Google Admin Console.
  2. Select the tile Devices.
  3. Click Chrome in the left side pane.
    A drop-down menu with several options opens.
  4. Select Apps & extensions.
  5. If you see an old version of the Zivver Chrome Extension, remove that old version.
  6. Select the Google Workspace organizational units that you want to install the Zivver Chrome Extension for.

    Installation on a parent organization unit is automatically inherited to child organizational units, unless turned off for a child organizational unit.
    Background information on how organization structure works in Google Workspace.
  7. Click the add add icon in the lower right corner.

  8. Select Add chrome app or extension by ID.
    A popup prompts you to fill in the extension ID.

  9. Add kckcdkheokdjcdgdfmpkgppflhdbmmhl as ID.

  10. Click Save.
    Now Zivver shows as an app in the list of installed apps and extensions.

  11. Find Zivver in the list of installed apps and extensions.

  12. Select the drop-down menu that says Allow install in the app pane.

  13. Click Force install.

  14. Click SAVE in the top right corner.
    The Zivver Chrome Extension is now installed for users in the selected organizational units.

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