Smart Classification

What is Smart Classification (SC)?

Machine learning approach to data leak prevention

With Zivver Smart Classification, you improve the deployment of your email business rules. These rules indicate whether it is necessary to treat the email in question as sensitive.

Legacy deployments use only lists of words and patterns to flag sensitive information like medical, financial, legal. But in practice, this method yields false positives and decreases the users acceptance.

Smart Classification is a step forward. Smart Classification uses machine learning to detect the contextual signals that make information sensitive. Our research found out that Smart Classification is 3 to 4 times more precise than the legacy methods.

You can use Smart Classification with all Zivver products that supports business rules.

Start with Smart Classification

Zivver will make the Smart Classification upgrade available to you automatically. No action is required.

You will receive a notice when your organization is scheduled. When the upgrade is completed, you get a confirmation.

Users might see that Zivver warns less often but more precisely. Smart Classification Information might not mark information as sensitive that previously got a sensitive flag.

If you have reasons to stay at the legacy deployment of the business rules, use the Opt-out form to cancel. If you want to upgrade after you canceled, you can speak to your customer success manager.

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